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50 Cent Addresses Record Label Twitter Rant

After threatening to postpone the release of his fifth studio LP...

50 Cent has addressed issues he had with his record label, claiming that he has "begun to resolve" the problems.

As we previously reported, Fiddy had threatened to delay the release of his upcoming LP, Black Magic, after ranting on Twitter that himself and Interscope Records were "not on the same page" and they had "better wake up and work."

Cent, who posted the album's first single Outlaw online following his Twitter tirade,  has now told our US Team that he hopes to put the issues behind him.

The In Da Club hitmaker stated: "So I had the record, I was ready to launch, and we sat down and everybody talked. What happens is, there are a lot of people involved in my actual launch,"

"So by the time we got to go sit down with [chairman] Jimmy Iovine, we talked a little bit and then I ended up having to go see Dr. Dre because we had the little issue. We sat down, we cleared that up, me and Dre, and then we said, 'Let's just get back to the music and do what we do'."

Fiddy then went on to state that he does not blame Iovine or Dre personally for the delay, adding: "It's not necessarily Dre or Jimmy, it's more the guys that they pass the responsibilities onto,"

"It takes longer for people, because they'll be like, 'Okay, we're gonna do this and we're gonna do that,' and the building will start having those conversations, but they're not actually moving at that point."

Despite resolving the issues, there is still no official release date for 50 Cent's Black Magic.

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