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50 Cent Reveals All

EXCLUSIVE | Curtis tells MTV about mentor Eminem, collaborating with Kanye West and reveals all about his next album

50 Cent has spoken to MTV Base News while on tour in the UK and revealed all about life as the most controversial rapper on the planet.

Covering everything from his battle with Kanye West earlier this year to the sound of his new album Before I Self Destruct, we gave Curtis a good grilling.

The tour is great Im really enjoying myself, he said while at the 02 Arena. Ive had to make some minor changes because Ive been using a live band in parts its a really different show to anything Ive done before- Theres a lot more showmanship.

When talking about playing concerts across the globe 50 turned to his mentor Eminem and revealed why Shady rarely tours:

Ive toured more than him because he has Hailey and he likes to physically be at the house, he told MTV Base News. A lot of people dont know the reason behind him touring less- but Hailey would put boxes in front of the door thinking this would stop him going.

He (Eminem) would fly back on a private plane after the show so he could drive her to school in the morning so for him the tour was exhausting.

50 Cent also told us about what could be his final studio album Before I Self Destruct. Rumour has it hes collaborated with Kanye West on the album, so we had to ask

This album is more aggressive and darker- Ill produce something that hands down will be the best record of that time period. Theres no duet with me and Kanye, he said. There was a track that I created and Kanye produced but its not made it to the album.

And when asked about double standards with swearing on records Fiddy said: Matter a fact my next single Im going the start it Its Britney Bitch.