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Adele Plans To Release Third Album Next May

The follow-up to her hit 21 LP is expected to feature an INXS cover...

Following the success of her sophomore album 21, Adele has revealed that she is already looking ahead to her third record.

In an interview with The Sun, the Rolling In The Deep hitmaker claimed that she plans to release her forthcoming LP next May, and that the album will feature a cover of the INXS track, Never Tear Us Apart.

Speaking of her new album, the 23-year old confessed: "I have five tracks ready to go. One of them is quite upbeat - a real 'girl power' type of song."


The songstress continued: "I plan to do a cover of the INXS hit 'Never Tear Us Apart' which is probably my fave song of all time. The whole album will have quite a live feel to it."

Adele, who was knocked from the top of the Official Album Chart on Sunday by Lady GaGa's Born This Way, has also been praised by her record label boss, Richard Russell, for not selling sex, unlike her raunchy chart rival Rihanna.

Russell, who is the founder of XL Recordings blasted over-sexualised artists to The Guardian for churning out "boring, crass and unoriginal music" stating: "The whole message with [Adele] is that it's just music, it's just really good music."

He explained: "There is nothing else. There are no gimmicks, no selling of sexuality. I think in the American market, particularly, they have come to the conclusion that is what you have to do."

The music executive also addressed Rihanna's "faux porn" track S&M, appealing for more acts to be like the Someone Like You star.

Russell added: "Adele is number one. What a great thing, how amazing. Not only are young girls going to see that, but [also] the business people who are behind all those videos. It's going to make them rethink what they should be doing."

Adele was recently named as the most powerful person in the UK music industry by The Guardian, beating the likes of Simon Cowell to the accolade.