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Star Trek's Alice Eve Denies Captain America Romance, Talks New Film

EXCLUSIVE! The actress talks to MTV UK about her new film with Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston...

Alice Eve is best known for her quintessentially British sexpot roles in Entourage and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

But Alice boldly goes where she's never gone before by playing a motel-cleaning, American single mother in her latest film, Cold Comes The Night, a thriller starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.

MTV UK spoke to the actress to find out more about her on-screen reinvention and whether she’ll be returning alongside Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto for a third installment of Star Trek.

“I was really interested in exploring more challenging roles, that were much further away from me and also that explored different worlds,” Oxford-educated Alice explained of her decision to take on the role of Chloe in Cold Comes The Night. “We filmed in a motel and lived in a motel.”

Shot on location in the isolated Catskill Mountains, Alice got into the role by going around the motels “with the ladies who run them” where she “cleaned and saw the dangers they were exposed to.”

“I learned so much about a different way of life, a different culture,” she said.

In the flick, Alice is taken hostage by Cranston, better known as Breaking Bad’s Walter White, who plays a semi-blind Polish gangster.

Working with Bryan was “great”, Alice exclaimed, calling him a “very committed actor”.

“I got to know Bryan very well and actually had some very interesting conversations with him about his life and choices.”

“Obviously Breaking Bad is a phenomenon and he’s the centrepiece of that,” she added.

Despite looking for more challenging roles in indie movies, Alice certainly hasn’t turned her back on blockbusters such as Star Trek.

“I had a wonderful time making the last one and I’d love to do it again. We’ll see when it gets together,” she said.

When asked whether she’d heard anything about the next installment of the franchise, Alice replied, “I think they’re working on it” but admitted director J.J. Abrams has been more focused on a different space film of late.

“They’re doing Star Wars at the moment so that’s completely consuming for him,” she revealed.

In the meantime, Alice has just wrapped indie movie 1:30 Train, directed by – and starring – Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

“It was just me and him and we filmed it at night in freezing New York,” she explained. “It’s a very romantic film.”

Although Alice and Chris were caught on a dinner date together in New York, she denies there was any romance off-set, however: “We did just have a normal dinner that you have with the director but with no other cast there it looked way more suspicious,” she laughed.

But Alice did admit: “It was a really, really special experience that film.”

Cold Comes The Night is out now on DVD and digital download.

By Karen Yossman @mtvuknews