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Alicia Sacramone Is Hot

The Olympics just got interesting and its in the form of 21 year old Alicia Sacramone!

The Olympics might not be for everyone! But theres one thing about it that has got web surfers going crazy and its in the form of 21 year old Alicia Sacramone.

Alicia Sacramone Gallery


Alicia makes up part of this years American Olympic Gymnastics team, and has already hit the headlines all over the globe for her physique and good looks.

Alicia may have fallen on her back and lost the gold medal, but that hasn't dampened the spirits of her adoring fans.

In the end Alicia and her fellow American gymnasts fell to the Chinese "women", to win the Silver medal at this years Summer Olympics.

Alicia Sacramone has been competing seriously for 12 of her 20 years. She's the winner of 7 world championship medals in all, and now she can add Olympic Silver medallist to her long list of accomplishments in the sport.

So its safe to say this isn't the last we have seen of Alicia!