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Amy Winehouse On Suicide Watch?

The singer is reportedly being watched by family and friends...

Amy Winehouse is said to be on suicide watch after reports claim the talented 25-year-old threatened to kill herself.

Winehouse is alleged to have held a knife to her chest and questioned the purpose to live.

Various reports claim that the Back to Black star is obsessed with the idea of dying young and after imprisoned husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, refused parole - she is distraught and has no desire to live.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Her friends managed to get the knife away from her but are now holding a 24-hour suicide watch.

"Amy has a death wish. Her emotions are exaggerated. She is either high all the time or when she hears something she doesn't like, she's suicidal.

"She is all for this stupid Sid Vicious notion of dying young. She is not scared of it and believes it is her destiny."

Reports also suggest that to add to Amys troubled state of mind - Blake Fielder-Civil has sent threatening letters to Amy's father Mitch and Pete Doherty " warning the rock star to stay away from his wife.

Blake is set to be released from prison in December.