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Amy Winehouse Was "Secretly Engaged" To Boyfriend

As her rep quashes reports that she was planning to adopt a girl from St. Lucia...

Amy Winehouse was allegedly "secretly engaged" to boyfriend Reg Traviss, accepting his proposal just weeks before her death.

According to The Sun, the film director - who had been dating Amy for two years - presented the Back To Black singer with a diamond ring, with insiders saying she couldn't wait to be his wife.


The newspaper claims that Winehouse "agreed to marry Reg without a moment's hesitation", as she was "desperate" to put her battle with drug and alcohol addiction behind her.

A source revealed: "Reg asked Amy and of course she said 'Yes'. She loved him. She wanted nothing more than to be his wife and to start a family with him. She wanted to get rid of her demons so badly."

"They openly said they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They both thought the absolute world of each other."

They continued: "She was planning her future with Reg and that was playing a huge part in her thinking. Amy was adamant about sorting herself out. Reg's proposal made her even more determined."

"Reg has been with the family every day since. It was clear to see their relationship was genuine. It has made the last week all the more painful for Reg. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her."


It is thought that Amy and Reg had planned to marry next year, with Traviss stating shortly after her death on 23rd July: "She had been full of life. I've lost my darling who I loved very much."

Winehouse's father Mitch also mentioned Reg in his speech at the 27-year old's funeral last week, saying: "Amy found love with Reg. He helped her with her problems and Amy was looking forward to their future together. She was the happiest she has been for years."

In other Amy Winehouse news, claims that she was on the brink of adopting a 10-year old girl from St.Lucia have been shot down by her representatives.

Dannika Augustine had previously told The Sunday Mirror that "Amy was already her mother" and that she was looking forward to living with the Love Is A Losing Game star in London.

However, a spokesperson for Winehouse has since told TMZ: "It's not true. I think [Amy] might have met her in St. Lucia, but she was in no way about to adopt her."