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Amy’s Got Months To Live

Blake reveals all in his Prison diaries

Blake Fielder Civil has revealed his inner most thoughts on wife Amy Winehouse and says she may be dead in months.

His devoted mum Georgette has sold prison letters and details of their telephone conversations to the News Of The World, as you do.

Blake said: Every day I fear the prison chaplain is going to walk into my cell and break the news Amy is dead.

He also revealed all about their drug addiction: We took cocaine, heroin, and smoked crack together. We then got into self harm to relieve the pain. We were spending 500 a day on drugs.

Fielder Civil also admitted Wino is Bullimic. Shes so thin and she looks ill It tears me apart, he told the paper.

In the article- which paints Blake as a reformed character- the sometime music video runner hypocritically criticises Mitch Winehouse for living off his daughter.

He is on Amys payroll Mitch ought to be ashamed, Fielder Civil said.