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Angelina Jolie with MTV at Cannes

Angelina tells us that she 'Wanted' to make her boys proud...

I want my boys to be proud of me Angelina opens up about her motivation for her latest film.

The big-lipped beauty scoffed at the idea that playing a violent assassin in her latest film Wanted would be difficult for her as a nurturing mother.

In an exclusive interview with MTV at Cannes Film Festival Ange exclaimed Ive got two boys and you suddenly want to impress them and you want to do the coolest thing ever.

Mrs Jolie Pitt went on to reveal her guilty pleasures on set, Its not the politically correct thing to say but, but to jump around with guns, good guys and bad guys - its always fun.

The actress, who is often at poll position in sexiest women polls, also joked about her name in the movie " Fox, I still cant get over thats my name in this movie. James (her co-star) gave me s*** the whole movie!

Wanted is set for its UK release on the 27th June 2008.