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Obama: 'Hathaway Is Best Thing About Dark Knight'

US President impressed by 'spectacular' leather-clad Catwoman...

Barack Obama has declared that the best thing about The Dark Knight Rises is Anne Hathaway.

The US President reportedly made the comments at a fundraiser held at Harvey Weinstein's Connecticut home last night.

The event was hosted by Weinstein as well as Joanne Woodward, Aaron Sorkin and Hathaway herself.

And according to E! Online, Obama described Anne Hathaway's leather-clad Catwoman as "spectacular".

The website quotes the President as saying: "I got a chance to see Batman and she was the best thing in it.

"That's just my personal opinion."

Batman helmsman Christopher Nolan recently described Anne's performance as Catwoman as "incredible" - and suggested she deserved her own film as Selina Kyle and her alter ego.