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Asher Roth Makes Slow Spaghetti

The rapper talks about his album delays...

College-loving rapper Asher Roth has been talking about the delays surrounding his forthcoming album, Spaghetti Tree.

Roth said that he isn’t going to be rushing this project, despite the fact that the album was originally due to drop in the summer of 2010.

He told Vlad TV: "I'm not just trying to put out a song, make quick money and get out of here. I wanna put something together that's gonna last, that people are going to appreciate, listen to and they're going to break it down.

"Personally, I love it when people take the time to break it down, every single song on the album, we're making the best music with the people that want to be a part of it.

“Not just, 'Hey, can I get a quick check and get out of here.' Anybody who knows me knows that I have no budget at all. Anybody within this circle of friends knows I'm working purely off a wing and a prayer. But yo, it's been fun."