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Bashy Heads To The Big Screen

The grime MC speaks about his new leading role...

Bashy has had a busy couple of months working with the likes of Gorillaz and more. On Friday 26th March a film entitled SHANK - in which Bashy plays a leading role - hits the big screen.

MTV’s The Wrap Up recently spoke with him about his role.

Bashy said: “I was initially approached to do some music for the movie and I supervised the soundtrack. They were interested in the fact that I had started acting; I went to a casting and took it from there. The Director was really impressed with what I was doing and so far the feedback has been incredible."

He added: “I’ve always acted so I wasn’t affected by the cameras and stuff; I was just trying to be as natural as possible. I’m trying to manage both careers equally.

"Acting was always my passion even before music, so I knew I was always heading down that path. I have been offered roles in other things so it’s just about making sure I make my decisions wisely because I don’t really want to be type cast."