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Beauty School Cop Outs: Watch Episode 1 In Full

Check out all the highlights from MTV's brand new show here…

In last night’s premiere episode of Beauty School Cop Outs (October 29), it was hair extensions at dawn as teen mum Tara triggered a showdown between self-confessed Barbie look-a-like Savannah and wig obsessed Sacha.
After the girls in the house made a unanimous decision that they had all taken a disliking to Savannah, things kicked off when Tara decided to give Savannah a piece of her mind, saying to her outright:
“I took an instant dislike to you, not going to lie.”
Rising to the occasion, Savannah stood her ground, calling Tara “uneducated” and “common”, while Sacha tried to back Tara up by accusing Savannah of pushing everyone away.
Obviously feeling defensive, Savannah turned it around, stating she felt the same way about them, referring to Sacha as a “child” for getting involved in the row.
But her comment hit a nerve with Sacha, who appeared to look “possessed” as she kicked and screamed, shouting:
“Do not call me a child! You f**king b**ch! Get the f**k off me!”, as former strip club bouncer Rich sat between them.
Meanwhile, Irish model Jeremy kept his options open, moving in on Sacha one minute, who was more than happy to oblige, as well as trying his chances with Savannah and even going in for a kiss with Rich!
But it was the chemistry between fake tan devoted Scarlett and Rich that was most apparent when they shared a very enthusiastic snog during a house session of spin the bottle, with Rich later admitting: “If nothing better comes a long, at least I’ve bagged Scarlett!”
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