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Danica Thrall And Prince Lorenzo 'Start Romance'

Former Celebrity Big Brother housemates 'smitten' at photoshoot...

Danica Thrall is reported to have dumped her boyfriend and hooked up with her former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Prince Lorenzo Borghese.

Dubbed "the fisherwoman" by her housemates for her flirty behaviour with Lorenzo and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Danica is claimed to have got into a row with her boyfriend over her plans to appear in an OK! magazine photoshoot with Lorenzo this week.

And rather than pull out, she is claimed by the Daily Star to have dumped her fella and gone ahead with it anyway.

A source said: "Naturally Prince Lorenzo was there to pick up the pieces. He has always admitted being smitten by her and it gave him the perfect opportunity to make a move.

"Danica and Lorenzo were all over one another at the shoot and acting like lovestruck schoolchildren."

But meanwhile Jersey Shore star The Sitch is still holding a torch for the temptress - and claims she feels the same.

Digital Spy quoted him as saying: "I got a kiss on the lips and was told 'I love you' before she left the house. Viewers didn't see that.

"She did it just before she left – you don't do that if you don't have feelings for someone."