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Frankie Cocozza And Nicola McLean In Jacuzzi Smooch

She leans in for kiss as randy teenager sits naked in hot tub...

Nicola McLean may have a little bit of explaining to do to her husband when she gets out of the Celebrity Big Brother house after getting very friendly with Frankie Cocozza in the hot tub.

Viewers of last night's episode saw the disgraced 18-year-old former X Factor contestant jump in the Jacuzzi naked to play truth or dare with the other housemates.

He hurt his leg as he jumped in and 29-year-old glamour model Nicola was quick to kiss it better for him.

Then when she was asked if she would be interested in Frankie if she was not married she flirtily moved in as if to snog the youngster before replying "yes".

The saucy game also saw Natalie Cassidy share a snog with Playboy model Karissa.

Afterwards one of the Playboy twins, either Karissa or Kristina, was heard to say: "When I went out there Nicola's drunk she was sitting on top of Frankie.

"Her husband's going to kill her... I don't care how wasted I was, I would never f*** that up."

They then persuaded Romeo to take Nicola off to bed before she could get herself in any more trouble.

Natasha Giggs was the second housemate to get evicted on Friday night, with Andrew Stone having left on Wednesday evening.