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Jim Davidson And Linda Nolan - CBB Clash Explained

Comic's jibe about 'Frank Carson's dressing room' made her furious...

The reason for Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan's furious falling out in the Celebrity Big Brother house has reportedly been revealed.

The Sun newspaper claims that Linda had seen red after Jim told Luisa Zissman to ask her "what happened in Frank Carson's dressing room".

The mystery was not explained and viewers were left as perplexed as most of the HMs - but the paper claims that he was talking about her late husband Brian's conviction for stealing money from the Irish comic's wallet.

Linda was livid when she heard of the comment, exploding: "My husband is dead and can't stand up for himself. You know what I mean don't start slagging a dead man.

"He’s a f***ing a***hole, he's vile and I was right from the word go."

Jim had earlier said of Linda: "She's f**ing off her head, that woman's off her head. You're off your head you f**ing loopy b**ch."

And there have also been aftershocks from Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor's failed romance - with Lee alleging that the pin-up was seeking a "showmance" with him.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve and other people are taking advantage of that. Casey, she's a player, when I first got in here she said to me let's be a couple and that's why I stepped off her.

"She played the heartbroken girl, its bulls**t she don't give a f**k."

But Casey wasn't taking that, and responded: "I'm so angry how someone can humiliate me, make me fall for what they're saying to me, then humiliate me and fondle with a girl in bed next me and then turn it around and make it out that I'm the bad person, how much more can you want do to me, how much more do you want to put me through."

And evicted HM Jasmine Waltz has pledged to keep a close eye on Lee while he's in the house with Casey.

She said: "If he gets with Casey again it is a clear indication for me that I need to walk away."