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Lacey Banghard Evicted From Celebrity Big Brother

As it's announced that all housemates will face the next public vote...

Lacey Banghard is the latest contestant to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.

The glamour girl emerged from the house to cheers from the crowd - who were busy chanting: "Get Speidi out," for much of the show.

And the subject of Spencer and Heidi was raised in Lacey's post-eviction interview with host Brian Dowling.

Asked about The Hills' stars return to the house after a secret weekend in the basement, the 20-year-old said: "It was horrible. When you think about it they hadn't actually done anything bad to us so I felt bad for saying mean things."

Lacey added: "I tried to get to know them. They really didn't want to be in the house. You start to think you get to know them and then you don't. They have got really big hearts though."

Finally, Lacey - who was forced to streak through the house after forgetting her towel earlier this week - revealed that she hoped ex-EastEnders star Gillian Taylforth would win the show.

Taylforth will have to survive the next eviction, however, because no one is safe from the public vote.

Big Brother announced the news that every housemate would be up for eviction as punishment for Ryan Moloney and Razor Ruddock discussing nominations.

The pair had discussed voting for the girls as part of a plan to stay in the house.

After the conversation was played back in front of the other housemates, Razor insisted it was "throw-away lines", and added: "I don't think we're that nasty. We apologise to our fellow housemates. We weren't ganging up."