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Three Face Eviction After Big Brother Launch Night

Meet the housemates as the 13th series of the reality show gets under way...

Three housemates are facing eviction already in the new series of Big Brother, which launched last night on Channel 5.


The first housemate into the famous compound in Elstree was Deana Uppal, who was told she would be immune from the first evictions but would have to nominate three other housemates based on her first impressions of them.

She chose personal trainer Conor McIntyre, former glamour model Victoria Eisermann and dancer Lydia Louisa.

And it was also revealed that an additional 'wildcard' housemate will go into the house on Saturday, after being voted for by the public.

The full list of current housemates are...

Deana Uppal, 23, the current Miss India UK and a model in the UK and India. She admitted that she currently lives in India and has three servants. Happily single, she claims money is her greatest love in life.

Arron Lowe, 23, a mixed martial arts fighter and a model for trendy clothing brands Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. He claims to be in the BB house for "the glory" and admits he wants to set people off against one another.

Caroline Wharram, 20, a former boarding school girl from Surrey who admits she is "weird, embarrassing and a bit of a loser". Her only paid work has been as a charity 'mugger'.

Conor McIntyre, 24, a personal trainer from Northern Ireland who says: "Basically I love myself." He has a rude party trick involving his wrist and a private part.

Luke Scrase, 24, a nightclub promoter from Stoke-on-Trent who claims to be the best looking man in any bar he enters. He says his ideal woman would have a "proper tight body" and would "not be stupid".

Shievonne Robinson, 28, an ex-Playboy bunny from Lewisham in London who reckons all men are liars. Her party trick is to smoke a cigarette with her boobs, and she claims she can down 10 tequila shots in 30 seconds.

Benedict Garrett, 32, a porn actor and former teacher - who was suspended from his last teaching job when it was revealed he was a stripper and had worked in the adult industry.

Lauren Carre, 20, a criminology student from Jersey with a black belt in karate. Single Lauren claims she is always the dumper in relationships and is hoping for "some good looking and intelligent guys in the house".

Luke Anderson, 31, a chef who was born in South Africa and raised in Wales - and had a sex change after feeling like "a boy in a girl's body". He hopes to show transgender guys that it's possible to lead a normal life.

Adam Kelly, 27, a former member of the infamous Crips gang from Los Angeles. Leaving the thug life at the age of 19, he has worked as a mentor for young people since. He claims people find him intimidating but says he doesn't mind, explaining: "I would rather that than people trying to take the p*ss out of me all the time."

Ashleigh Hughes, 20, an Essex girl who says: "Yes, I wear fake things when I go out but I'm not like that TOWIE lot." She's single and admits she wants to win Big Brother for the fame, whether she is loved or hated.

Sara McLean, 22, a former Miss Edinburgh who was runner-up in Miss Scotland in 2011. She thinks she lost because she was "too opinionated". She is also a staunch supporter of the Conservative Party and a fan of Margaret Thatcher.

Scott Mason, 20, who wants to become a 'celebrity historian' after Big Brother and whose hobbies include hunting game. Although he has not come out officially to his family, he suspects that they may have 'gathered' by now.

Lydia Louisa, 25, a professional dancer engaged to Andy Scott-Lee, who she met while working on a music video for his sister Lisa Scott-Lee. Her greatest success to date has been appearing in Mamma Mia, in which she had a scene with Meryl Streep. She is allergic to alcohol.

Chris James, 21, a doorman and bailiff who claims to have a silver tongue and a "50-inch chest". He is fascinated by conspiracy theories and the paranormal.

Victoria Eisermann, 41, a plus-sized ex-glamour model and animal rights campaigner, who has set up a dog rescue charity. She is also a vegan and hopes to win BB so that she can "start a vegan handbag and shoe company".

Big Brother is now in its 13th series in the UK, having transferred from Channel 4 to Channel 5 last year.