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Big Sean Talks Eminem: "You'll Get A Collab"

EXCLUSIVE! However, rapper says the track hasn't made it on to his new LP...

Big Sean has exclusively confirmed to MTV News UK that he has been working with fellow Detroit native Eminem.
Back in April, the rapper teased fans that a collaboration could be on the cards, after posting a snap of himself in the studio with Em.
Speaking of their hook-up, Sean told Becca Dudley at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival: "It was just really cool. He is somebody who gave me a lot of insight, we shared a lot of stories. 
"Before we even talked about music or was working on music, we exchanged stories and then we were in the studio and I was like, 'I got my album with me' and he was like 'Ok, I'll hear a couple of songs - I'm in a hurry'."
He continued: "So, I played it and was like, 'If it's whack tell me to cut it off'' but I ended up playing my whole album back and he said he'd never been so surprised. He [Eminem] said 'I knew you could rap, but the album is real good'. It was just a great day."
When asked whether they managed to lay down a track together, Sean explained: "We were trying to make the collab work for my album but due to timing issues it's probably not going to work out. You'll get a collab though, just probably won't be for Hall Of Fame."
And, as for whether he has heard Em's eagerly anticipated eighth studio LP, Sean coyly replied: "I'll just say no… I know he's working on it though, working hard too."
While an Eminem collaboration may be on hold, Sean did confirm that he's "definitely got something coming" with the UK's very own Tinie Tempah.
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By Joanne Dorken @mtvuknews

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