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MTV Brand New 2013 Unsigned Winner Is Ebony Day!

...and we celebrate those that didn’t make the cut.

The amazing Ebony Day has been announced as our Brand New for 2013 Unsigned winner, but there was a huge amount of talent on offer in this year’s competition.  Here’s what MTV’s panel of music experts thought of the rest of the final top 20.


“Chelcee’s a natural pop star, with the talent and charm to win hearts wherever she goes.”

Ard Adz & Sho Shallow
“Seriously talented MCs, this is real life told well.  The fresh flows and tight production blew us away…. Big things are coming their way.”

“One of our absolute favourites from the Brand New 2013 Unsigned competition, Shakka has the individuality, talent and charm to go all the way!”

Mic Lowry
“We were seriously impressed with Mic Lowry’s incredible harmonies, style and confidence.  This is real talent.  Someone sign them up!”

Brooke And The Kicksters
“Matching a super-tight band with a powerful vocal, Brooke and her band put on a great live show with some cracking tunes.”

“Five handsome chaps with great harmonies and voices to match.”

Lucie Evans
“A true talent with support already in the bag from SBTV and Perez Hilton… keep a close eye on this one!”

Guy Valarino
“With his unique sound, dynamic songwriting and a classic rock voice, Guy’s going to find fans all around the country.”

Six Towns
“A proper British guitar band with real swagger, this is one for the lads.”

The Volantes
“Great songs, real musicians and a classic sound.” 
“With their crisp production and solid rhymes… Ireland better watch out.”
“Nina brought something really unique to the competition, a mixture of light and dark makes her songs stand out.”
“My Forever stand out with their fresh take on a classic sound, tender verses and catchy choruses.”
“Bristol-born MC with dedication, style and finesse.”

Danny Shah
“Great pop music – and check out the superstars in his music video!”

The Robbie Boyd Band
“The only folk artist to make the final twenty, we loved the sound and the animated video.”

Back To November
“Two guitars, two voices and a whole lot of talent.”

Connor Harris
“A dapper young chap with a twinkle in his eye and a message in his music.”

The Waiters
“We love the touches of Weezer in The Waiters’ catchy punk pop songs.”