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Bridgit Mendler: ‘One Direction Have Great Voices’

EXCLUSIVE! We chat to the Disney star about 1D, JT and Britney...

Bridgit Mendler has praised One Direction saying they have “great voices” and says the British invasion over in the US is ‘wonderful’.

Speaking to MTV during an exclusive live session the Ready Or Not singer told us: “I think it’s wonderful how many British artists are transferring over to the United States and they all have something to offer.” 
She singled out the 1D lads adding: “I think the One Direction boys all have great voices and really catchy songs.”


On whether the Disney star had ambitions to follow the same path as former Mickey Mouse Club success stories like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, Bridgit said: “Oh I would love to have anywhere near the success that Justin and Britney have had. 
“I mean it’s crazy and it’s wonderful and they’re so talented and so it’s really awesome for people to see my career and see the other people who have come before.
“I think that we’re all unique as performers but if I had anywhere near the success that they’ve had then I would be happy. 
That said, Bridgit is just over the moon that JT is back on the scene:
“I love Justin Timberlake, I am SO excited to have him back on the music scene. I have been such a fan. ‘What goes around comes around’ that…. That was my ultimate!”
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