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Britney For Queen?

"Pick me Willy, one more time"

Britney Spears is being tipped, well in an outside way, as a possible future partner of Prince William, following his split from that posh girl.

The recently-troubled pop superstar, who is currently said to be spanking basketball giant Luke Walton, is being touted as a possible contender to replace Kate Middleton as Prince Williams sweetheart and therefore a possible future Queen of England.

Bookmakers William Hill are offering odds of 20-1 on Spears hooking up with the king-to be, with whom she exchanged emails (which may or may not have been dirty emails) back in 2002.

Meanwhile, other possible suitors being touted by the bookmakers include Kylie (14-1), Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (8-1) and of course Paris Hilton ("Buckingham Paris!") at 14-1.

Also in the Royal running are Kelly Osbourne, Russian tennis babe Maria Sharapova, and Sir Paul McCartneys ex Heather Mills.

The speculation comes just hours after reports of William and Kates split.

Hurry up and finish slam-dunking your hunk, Britney. We want you for Queen!