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Britney Spears ‘The Onyx Hotel Tour’

Britney Spears ‘The Onyx Hotel Tour’

An explosion of pyrotechnics signals the entrance of a leather-clad, brunette Britney, flames ignite around the stage and she launches into an energetic rendition of Toxic.

OK, so she doesnt so much sing than mime along with Toxic, and most of her other hits but she does a damn good lip-sync. But what do you expect when shes simultaneously performing a vigorous dance routine, ascending moving staircases and descending fireman poles?

Some would say a live show complete with vocals but Britneys show is about so much more than that, its about spectacle. The whole thing is a theatrical extravaganza, complete with camp compere, sexy dancers, glitzy costumes and extravagant set pieces and its all fabulously raunchy.

Its easy to see where the new sexed-up Britney gets her inspiration, not since Madonnas 93 tour, The Girlie Show, did a performance cause such controversy. At one point Britney, apparently naked, writhes around in a bath before taking to the stage in skimpy undies to perform simulated sex with a male dancer before snogging his face off (we saw tongues Ms Spears).

Although 'The Onyx Hotel Tour' is suffering heavy criticism, all-in-all it's thoroughly entertaining and stands to net Britney a cool $30million. She must be doing something right.