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Britney’s New Sex Tape

Could Spears be embarrassed by a raunchy video a mystery lover filmed

Things could get worse for Britney Spears after a magazine revealed there is a new sex tape of the star.

A mystery man told In Touch Weekly he had filmed himself making love to the Gimme More singer- who this week had her kids taken away from her.

He claims back in June he had sex with Britney in Hawaii though she didnt know he was videoing the action!

It was just normal sex, we didnt do anything crazy, the guy told In Touch. It was a little disappointing. It lasted for about 25 minutes and then we passed out.

WOW- what an experience! Pundits in the US are suggesting Brits mystery lover is only revealing these details to find a buyer for the tape.

So even though Spears is all over the news at the moment, we could literally be seeing a lot more of the star in the near future! WATCH THIS SPACE


Tom Thorogood