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Carrie Underwood: "I Love Jessie J & Cheryl Is Gorgeous"

EXCLUSIVE | We chat UK music with the ex-Idol champ...

Carrie Underwood may be a huge star across the pond, but the former American Idol champion has heaped praise on the UK music scene, revealing she's a massive fan of Jessie J, Coldplay and Adele.

In MTV's exclusive chat with the country star, Carrie also tipped Geordie star Cheryl Cole for US success, as well as stating that One Direction mania has well and truly taken the States by storm.

The five-time Grammy winner, who released her first UK album Blown Away this week, has already sold-out the Royal Albert Hall in just 90 minutes, taking to the stage last night (21st June) to perform a collection of tracks, as well as a cover of Coldplay's hit Fix You.

When asked what made her pick that particular song by Chris Martin and Co to sing to her UK audience, Underwood revealed to "I wanted to basically pay homage. It was kind of a respect thing and I know that there are so many amazing artists here [in the UK].

"You guys don’t need us coming over and bringing our music, as you guys can live for days, all day every day, listening to your new artists that come from here. It made it even more special that I got to be here and got to sing."

Explaining her decision to sing Fix You further, the 29-year old said: "The challenge was finding a song, but I love that song, it was one that I already knew, front to back, and the band were really excited about playing it too.

"It just kind of happened, once I thought of that one – it was the one that we were going to do."

While on the subject of UK music, Underwood went on to confess: "I love Jessie J. I think she’s like super talented. She's really popular in the US right now, so I hear quite a bit of her.

"I know Cheryl Cole is really big here and I’ve heard a little bit of her in the States and she obviously very gorgeous."

When probed over whether she believes Chezza can be a hit in America, Carrie stated: "I don’t know why not. Like I said, she’s not as big right now as she is here but I’ve heard a little bit of her on the radio."

Speaking of what she makes of the success of UK artists such as One Direction and Adele in the US, the Good Girl singer claimed: "One Direction are basically taking over right now, you see them in every magazine, every day.

"There’s definitely a lot of people to be interested in right now. I think people were really ready for Adele, I think her talent speaks for itself and I think people really appreciate that she’s a vocalist and an artist.

"It’s not about all the hoopla surrounding her and it’s not about like tabloid stuff. It’s not about her scantily-clad dancing in a video, it’s talent and I think people really appreciate that."

Speaking of whether she would like to sing with the Someone Like You star, Underwood added: "I think that would be incredible. She would make me look bad though, so maybe not! She’s really amazing."

Carrie Underwood's Blown Away is out now.

By Joanne Dorken @mtvuknews