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Nev Schulman Models For Rocawear: “I Just Want Someone To Rap About Catfish’

Life Outside Catfish: See Nev Model And Star In A Music Video…

By Georgina Langford

Think Nev Schulman spends all his time tracking down Internet fraudsters? Well although he (and Max) devote most of their lives to Catfish: The TV Show, Nev found time recently to pose as the new face of Rocawear - that’s right, Mr Schulman threw some shapes for Jay-Z’s clothing brand, and as you can see for yourselves, he looks just as good on camera as he does on TV. We went to the photo studio to chat to Nev about his modelling skills, his PMA on Facebook and his surprise cameo in a recent music video…

MTV: Nev - did you enjoy getting your Vogue on today?

Nev Schulman: It was really fun. I had a great time. Despite how much time I spend on camera, posing for photos is still something that makes me feel a little uncomfortable. But once I get warmed up… I get into it. I don’t know if it’s something you’re born with, but modelling is definitely more of a skill than people give it credit for!

MTV: Honestly now…did you practise any poses?

Nev: I didn’t…but I did watch the short film Max made with Lena Dunham and Hamish Bowles, where he taught her how to pose! So I practised doing a ‘Gisele’ and a ‘Naomi’!

MTV: Out of all of the Rocawear items you modelled today, which ones will you take away to include in your Catfish wardrobe?

Nev: There’s a t-shirt that I loved which was rather bold, although I try to wear plain, conservative clothing on the show so that I don’t distract from the story – so maybe I’ll wear the t-shirt in my personal time. There was an amazing pair of sweatpants, some trainers and varsity jackets... I’ve never worn a piece of Rocawear clothing before, even though I’ve always known about the brand - but I was pleasantly surprised how well it fits, everything looks great.

MTV: Did Jay-Z personally call you up to ask you to model?

Nev: Oh no, it was Beyoncé – he had her call me up.

MTV: Oh wow, that was so nice of her…

Nev: We go way back and we’re actually best friends, we were actually walking along the beach together and she mentioned it – just kidding. I did not get a call from Jay-Z but perhaps now he’ll hear about me. All I want is for someone to reference Catfish on a rap song. I’m shocked it hasn’t happened as yet.

MTV: Jay-Z sadly aside, who IS the most famous person in your phone Contacts?

Nev: There’s the most famous and then there’s the most interesting. During the first season of Catfish we were spoofed on SNL and Adam Levine impersonated me. I managed to email him just to say ‘hey, that was pretty awesome’, so now I have his phone number. One of the coolest people in my phonebook has to be Sia. She’s a really good friend and she is just so cool.

MTV: Talking of being cool and famous, how do you feel about being a sex symbol?

Nev: [blushes] You know, there are always girls – they do run the world - on social media, saying flirtatious stuff, but I feel it’s all talk. Most of them are young teenagers and I don’t think they’d know what to do if they actually met a famous person. Because most of the time when they do meet me, at a restaurant, or at the mall, they kind of freak out, they normally just ask for a picture, then leave. It’s so weird to be the focus of someone’s attention.
I find myself constantly saying to Max (my co-star) how weird it is that people want to take pictures with me and say hello. But it’s great, and I’m so
happy the attention I get is positive.

MTV: You are very positive on Twitter and Facebook – why do you want to share that PMA?

Nev: I think it comes from not being born into the social media world. I never felt comfortable using social media as a form of self-expression. It become clearer that the world was heading in that direction I found myself editing and holding back from saying how I felt or thought it world come of as bad attempts at humour. I figured the best use of my voice and notoriety would be to balance out the huge amount of negativity that exists online with positivity. As much as I battle with my own demons and negative thoughts I don’t see why others should feel the same way unless I discuss it in a positive way. I chose to use my social media to spread positivity and goodness plus I don’t think there are not enough good role models out there.

MTV: When you are not being Nev Catfish, we heard you were a big dance fan – who would be your dream dance partner?

Nev: I already have my dream dance partner who is my girlfriend. But, if she was unavailable, can I say Justin Timberlake?! That would be pretty amazing. Girl-wise, I would chose J-Lo. Or Janet Jackson. Although that might go a little weird…

MTV: Finally, what’s your favourite music video of the moment?

Nev: I’m actually IN a music video – for my girlfriend, who is the singer Shanee Pink, for her song ‘Spreading In The Light’.

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