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Cedric Gervais: Lana Del Rey Remix Reaction ‘Overwhelming’

EXCLUSIVE! DJ talks Summertime Sadness...

Cedric Gervais is ‘overwhelmed’ by the reaction of his Lana Del Rey remix of Summertime Sadness

Currently at No.4 in the Official UK Singles Chart the French DJ/producer told MTV News UK: “It’s a great feeling. This record has been building for a long time now and I’m pretty overwhelmed by the reaction. It’s an exciting time for me.
“I absolutely love Lana Del Rey and it’s been a dream to work on this track.  We got in touch with her people as soon as I heard it.”
An obvious departure from the tone of her original material he also joked: “I think she works out to it every morning!”

After reworking Lana we asked if there were any other songstresses he’d be keen to tinker with...
“If you can connect me with Adele that’d be great.”
We’ll see what we can do…
The Molly hit maker also gave his opinion on the rise of Las Vegas as a clubbing destination:
“Dance music in the U.S. is huge. After many years of being in the shadows it is now the most popular genre especially for young kids. Where’s the best place for unadulterated partying in the US? Vegas. It just works so very, very well.”
…but what about Ibiza?
“Ibiza has that special spiritual vibe and has a long history and culture of electronic music. Vegas is just the most incredible place to go and party, it’s non stop even more so than Ibiza.”
By Michael Pell @mtvuknews

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