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America’s Next Top Model Scouts Vitiligo Sufferer Chantelle Brown-Young

She’s been called a “zebra” and a “cow”, but Chantelle’s having the last laugh as America’s Next Top Model sign her up for season 21…

By Tamara Roper

The 21st series of America’s Next Top Model will feature a woman whose looks have previously gathered her as much negative attention as they have positive. Chantelle Brown-Young suffers from a skin disease called vitiligo, where areas of the skin are left without pigment, and the Canadian model has been called everything from a “zebra” to a “cow” since she was diagnosed at age four.

However, this hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her career and she’s already been photographed by Nick Knight, who has previously shot the likes of Karlie Kloss and Kate Moss.

Vitiligo is also said to have affected Michael Jackson, who suffered from a media backlash due to the changing colour of his skin. Unafraid to shy away from her condition, Chantelle refers to herself as a “vitiligo spokesperson” and gives motivational talks both in person and on Instagram and Youtube. We know who we’ll be rooting for this ANTM season – good luck Chantelle!