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Charlie Sheen Denies Trashing Hotel Room

Anger Management star says he just had a family meal at NYC hotel...

Charlie Sheen has denied claims that he trashed a hotel room in New York as he partied with escort girls.

The Anger Management star was alleged by Us Weekly to have been staying at the Ritz in New York City with former wife Denise Richards and their children - before being moved to a separate room.

A source told the gossip mag: "He totally trashed the hotel room. Escorts were seen coming and leaving. In the end, Charlie was told that he wasn't welcome at another Ritz property ever again."

But Charlie's people have denied the report, with a spokesperson saying: "Charlie enjoyed quality time with his family this weekend including the Yankee/Met baseball game on Friday night.

"He hosted a dinner Monday night for family and friends in his hotel suite with food delivered by Da Tommaso on 8th Avenue."

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