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Cheryl Cole's Sultry New Photoshoot

Chezza poses for Harper's Bazaar...

Ashley Cole must be kicking himself right now for cheating on Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole.

Not only did Chezza top FHM's Sexiest Women in the World poll, but she has proved that she is worthy of the title by posing for some sultry snaps for fashion mag Harper's Bazaar.

The X Factor judge, who is pictured showing a more sexy side to how we normally view the nation's sweetheart, is seen wearing a revealing glitzy jacket which she unzips - as well as posing for another snap sprawled out across the floor.

Despite looking amazing in the photos, Cheryl told the magazine that at times she doesn't always feel glamourous stating: "I have been known to be a little bit skanky and wear the same pyjamas I woke up in... for, like, six hours."

She added: "But when I look in the mirror I never go 'yuck'. What I see is a successful woman doing what she loves doing and being herself."

The Fight For This Love singer also revealed: "I don't set myself goals as in what I wanted to achieve by 2010 or in ten years' time - I feel like I've been lucky and blessed enough to achieved what I have up to now."

Cole continued: "I'm happy with my lot; anything from now is a bonus. Anything I do do I'm going to give 100% - I always will. But, I don't have anything planned - I just go with the flow."

Cheryl, who posed for the June issue of the fashion bible, also confessed that to get her in the mood for photoshoots, she tends to put on a certain Single Ladies singer's music to get her in the mood.

The popstress told "I find I can't really connect with the camera, it's something I'm still learning to do. I tend to put a lot of Beyonce on when I'm doing photo shoots - I channel Sasha Fierce!"

Read the full feature in the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar, on sale Thursday, May 6.

To see a behind-the-scenes video of Cheryl's shoot from Saturday May 1 onwards, go to