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Cheryl Cole's 'Unhappy Meal' After Car Crash

Chezza & Will were apparently on their way to Maccy D's before accident...

Cheryl Cole has been snapped with her arm in a sling after she was involved in a car crash with manager Will.I.Am - apparently revealing the accident happened on their way to McDonalds.

According to The Sun, Chezza has said that the collision with a parked car - which left both Cole and Will with bloody noses - occurred before they paid a visit to the fast food giant.

The Girls Aloud star allegedly told pals that she was 'starving' after a late-night studio session with Will, joking: "I ended up having an Unhappy Meal instead”.

Pals have since poked fun at Cheryl and the Black Eyed Peas rapper's accident, telling the newspaper: "She had a Big Smack and Fries.”

A source added: “Both Cheryl and Will.I.Am were desperate for some food after working all day in the studio.

"They only intended to nip out for a quick bite — but ended up staying up for most of the night.”

The Call My Name hitmaker left LA yesterday (30th August) sporting a heavy-duty blue sling, with The Sun suggesting it was provided by a private doctor as Cheryl was not taken to hospital after the 3.30am crash and instead, received treatment at the scene.

Cole was snapped without her usual bodyguards as she strolled through the airport, with the tabloid reporting that flight attendants also fussed over her while on the plane, giving the Geordie extra pillows and pain killers.

A wheelchair also awaited the former X Factor judge in London, but the 29-year old did not need it.

A friend of Cheryl's told the newspaper: "She is OK but still shaken about what happened.

"She has seen the pictures in The Sun and can’t believe how much blood there was. Everyone is just thankful she and Will are all right.

"Cheryl is home to see friends and family after what was a nasty experience abroad. Her mum’s been on the phone and wants to come and see her as soon as she can.”

A separate insider has also told The Mirror that Cole insisted on going back to work to promote new single Under The Sun less than 48 hours after the accident - against the advice of doctors.

They said: "They were both incredibly shaken up by the incident. Cheryl felt dazed for quite a while afterwards.

"But despite people urging her to rest and relax, she insisted on getting on her plane and getting back into the swing of things.

“She’s a workaholic and in this respect, it’s a good thing as it will take her mind off what happened.”

There is still no word on what caused the accident, but neither Chezza or The Voice coach have been questioned by the police, with no suggestion that anyone is responsible for the smash.

Both Cheryl and Will - who suffered whiplash and split noses - took to Twitter after the incident to assure their fans they were OK, with the singer posting: "Don’t worry. Me and @iamwill are fine, promise x.”

A spokesman for the star also said last night: “She is in good shape, she was initially a bit shaken up by the incident but she is all right now.”

Cheryl is now thought to be resting at her home in North London - with The Sun adding that her hunky dancer beau Tre Holloway will soon be joining her for some much needed TLC.