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Chris Brown Begins Community Service 

The R n B star starts his 180 days of community labour...

Chris Brown has started six months of community service, his punishment for assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna in February.

Brown may be calling his next album Graffiti, but that is exactly what the R n B star will be cleaning up in Virginia, where his community labour is due to commence.
The Kiss Kiss singer will be required to scrub graffiti from buildings, pick up litter, wash cars and maintain the government-owned grounds in Richmond, Va.
Police chief Bryan Norwood has stated that: "We are prepared to put Mr. Brown to work…His activities would be performed under the supervision of myself and those under my command,"
The 20 year old star, who was sentenced to the 180 days community labour requested to complete the term in Richmond, near where he lives.
Brown said of his punishment in an interview with Larry King Live:"Everything comes with consequences, so I feel like definitely it is fair,"
He added: "I have no misjudgement on what the judge has given me, so I'm willing to do anything they ask."
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