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Cord: "We Don't Care What NME Think"

The indie crooners talk about the path to fame and the critics they come across...

Fresh from their homecoming gig, James Leeds of Norwich rockers Cord, spoke to about the pleasures of touring and the problems with "style mag" NME.

The indie band's first album Other People's Lives (Are Not As Perfect As They Seem) is an eclectic mix of styles that has left some critics a little bemused.

Singer James, however, assures us that mixing it up is the only way to reflect a range of emotions.

"When you're writing a song you need the music and the lyrics to grow together. 'Why I want It' (a track about Leeds' mixed desire for fame) is dirty, horrible, angry because that's the emotion I wanted to express. 'Stay With Me Now' isn't " because it's about a completely different thing. I can't handle angry sounding songs about love, or what a beautiful day it is. Music and lyrics are intrinsically entwined."

The range of emotions covered, however, has left him with a slapped wrist from the music press " not least from the godfather of music mags NME.

"(NME is) more about fashion and style than music. They love The Horrors who look good, but their music is rubbish!"

A case of sour grapes or a fresh new voice? " only you can decide!

Other People's Lives (Are Not As Perfect As They Seem) was released on October 2, and the tour will continue around the country until November 3.