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Sheree Murphy: 'I Want to 'Crib' Madonna'

The Footballers' Cribs presenter would love to go round Madge's...

Sheree Murphy, the glamous host of the new series of Footballers' Cribs has revealed there's one celebrity home she'd like to visit.

"I'd love to nose round Madonnas house," she told in an exclusive interview. "I bet her house is immaculate - she's got chefs. I'd love one, but I dont think my husband would let me."

She also said she has so many accessories at home she needs an extension. "I love my handbag and shoe room," she says. "I've actually had it fitted out and it looks like a shop. Before that, I didnt have anywhere to put them and I used to forget what I've got!"

You can see the lovely Sheree in action when the new series of Footballers' Cribs kicks off on MTV on Sunday, May 21. In it, she shows you round the houses of World Cup stars including Lionel Scaloni, Olivier Dacourt and Stelios Giannakopoulos.