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David Beckham Has Been 'Set-Up' 

Pals of Becks have quashed reports further that he cheated on Posh...

The allegations that David Beckham cheated on wife Victoria with a $10k a-night prostitute have been rubbished by pals, claiming that the footballer has been 'set-up.'

As we reported yesterday, US publication InTouch Weekly claimed that David had been unfaithful to Victoria Beckham with high-class hooker Irma Nici, who alleged she had unprotected sex and a threesome with Becks back in 2007.

The ex-England captain has since hired some of the world's top lawyers to fight her claims, with David himself stating that they are 'wholly unfounded' and 'a series of malicious lies.'

A friend of the superstar sportsman has also revealed to The Sun that Nici's story is a 'ridiculous smear' of David's name and that Posh and Becks will fight to prove his innocence.

They stated: "This is an absolute stitch-up job. David has been set up and we believe it may be a malicious attempt to discredit him."

"If this magazine and this woman think they can get away with smearing David, then they've got another thing coming. They have created a complete falsehood using a handful of facts in an attempt to give the claims a semblance of truth."

The pal then added: "He was in New York at the time this woman suggests but any Tom, Dick or Harry could find that out on the internet. He wasn't even staying at the hotel she has suggested. He was at the Waldorf Astoria."

"David and Victoria are very calm about this nonsense. They cannot believe a magazine like In Touch would print such a pack of lies. They will be fighting it tooth and nail."

David and the Spice Girls singer were spotted going about their daily business in LA after Nici's allegations hit the press, with Becks still attending football training and Posh heading to a gym in Beverly Hills.

The Sun also reports that the claims against Beckham could be a way of 'undermining' England's bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2018 as David is one of the campaign's leading ambassadors.