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Dennis Rodman – 'Madonna Wasn't All That!'

Apparently she sucked... as a girlfriend not in bed

Dennis Rodman says that despite Madonna's saucy sex talents, she didn't rock his world.

Speaking as a guest on today's TRL, the legendary basketball player turned movie star, reflected on his year relationship with Madonna many moons ago, singing her praises in terms of the bedroom, but not so in other departments.

"I've had my share of sleeping with beautiful women," Rodman announced proudly to fellow lady-thriller Dave Berry. "Madonna was alright. It was back in 1993 " 94, we were together for about a year.

"It was alright man, she wasn't all that. We had some good times, but I don't think we were on a level.

"I told her that her music sucked, but as far as in bed she's good at that."

Dennis Rodman's new book 'The Worm Returns' is due in September. He's also shooting new movie 'Coming Attractions', which is due to hit screens next Spring.

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