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Matt Smith Lifts Lid On Doctor Who Xmas Special

SPOLIER ALERT: Star gives away certain key details of festive feature...

SPOILER ALERT: We suggest you avoid reading this story if you wish to enjoy the Doctor Who Christmas special without spoilers.

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has revealed a few details about this year's Christmas special - including the return of some popular characters.

Speaking to Collider, the actor said: "We've got Vastra, Jenny and Strax making a return appearance which is terribly exciting.

"And it does the sort of wonderful Doctor Who-ey Christmas things - you know, snow, aliens, good will, good cheer, someone trying to take over the world. Hopefully it makes for good Christmas Day telly."

And the star - the 11th actor to play the timelord - dismissed suggestions that he would become typecast in the sci-fi show.

"If people want to typecast me they can, I can sit and have me egg sandwich and not really give a damn about it," he replied. "It's up to others.

"I take it year by year, you know? See what comes. I love working for Steven Moffat. I love making the show, it's unlike any job I'll ever have."

The Christmas special was revealed this summer to have a Victorian setting.