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Matt Smith Rejects Doctor Who 'Sexualised' Claim

Star admits assistants are 'hot' but says it's all good clean fun...

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has defended the long-running sci-fi show against claims that it has been "sexed-up" in recent years.

The departing Time Lord was asked by The Mirror what he thought of veteran Doctor Who director Waris Hussein's allegation that the drama had become "too sexualised".

"I strongly disagree," he stated. "Dr Who is just rollocking good fun with the odd snog here and there.

"For sure, Karen (Gillan) is hot, so too Billie and Jenna but is that a bad thing? I don't think so.

"What's he want us to do, put everyone in straitjackets?

"Look at the history of the show, there were women in Tarzanian outfits, were there not, back in the early days?"

An extended trailer for the show's forthcoming 50th anniversary special was released over the weekend.

And Smith revealed that he was delighted to work with his predecessor in the role David Tennant.

"There aren’t many of us who have played the doctor and it is a unique experience which I've been reluctant to share with other people because it sounds as if I am bragging when I talk about all the amazing things it entails.

"I can talk to David about it, about all the line-learning, the way in which you get thrust into the limelight. We've had lots of chats together."

And he even had some advice for his replacement, Peter Capaldi - who will be taking over the Tardis after this year's Christmas special.

He said: "Enjoy it, man. And be prepared to learn an awful lot of lines.

"The best thing about the show is pretty much everything! The storylines, the guest stars, just the honour of playing the doctor.

"The worst is all those lines! Sorry to hark on about it but it really is extraordinary how much you have to learn."