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Drake: “I'm Not Advising You To Drop Out Of School..." 

The rapper talks about his troubled childhood...

Young Money's Drake has opened up about his troubled childhood days.

The Canadian rapper used to battle through his mother's apprehension toward him dropping out of high school and then giving up on acting before becoming a rap star.

He told 106 KMEL: "At one point in my life, I was a kid who was lost. I knew I wanted to do music, but, I dropped out of high school against my mother's wishes, who happens to be a retired teacher.

"A lot of people told me it was the wrong decision, that leaving acting was the wrong decision. A lot of the things I was doing was not the smartest choices but passion is what drove me."

Drizzy then went on to tell his fans not to follow his example, but to still follow their hearts:

“I'm not advising you to drop out of school, I'm just advising you to follow your heart and if you really believe in something and you project that, I believe that it does come back to you, so, I aligned myself with great people which I feel like is the key to success and here I am."