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Eddie Murphy Is Most Overpaid Actor - Forbes

Star tops list of actors judged to bring least profit to their movies...

Eddie Murphy has been singled out as the most overpaid actor in the movie world by list-loving money magazine Forbes.

The US mag usually concentrates on the highest-earners when it delves into the entertainment world, but its latest bout of number crunching has aimed to identify the actors who bring the least value to their films.

And Forbes reckons that Shrek star Murphy's movies made just $2.30 for every dollar that he was paid over the last three years.

The magazine ranks Knocked-Up star Katherine Heigl second, with her movies making an estimated $3.40 for every dollar she was paid.

It claims that her most-recent movie - One For The Money - only made $37m on a budget of $40m.

Reese Witherspoon was ranked third with $3.90 box office takings for each dollar in pay, while Sandra Bullock was fourth on $5.

Jack Black rounded out the top five with estimated $5.20 in movie earnings for each dollar of pay.