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No Doubt On EMA Performance: "Less Is More"

EXCLUSIVE! Gwen & Co tells us what we can expect from their stint on stage...

No Doubt are set to make their debut at the 2012 MTV EMA in Frankfurt tomorrow night (11th November) - with the reunited rockers exclusively telling MTV News that fans are in store for a 'straight forward' classic performance.

While leading lady Gwen Stefani may have graced the EMA stage as a solo artist before, this time, she will be joined by fellow No Doubters Tony Ashwin Kanal, Adrian Young and Tom Dumont for the first time at the Festhalle for this year's event.

Speaking of what we can expect from their performance, Gwen revealed: "We decided to do a straight forward, No Doubt band performance."

Tony then said: "It's gonna be less is more", to which Stefani agreed: "Less is more."

She continued: "It's gonna be very graphic and just a straight up, No Doubt, band performance, just show and tell it like it is kinda thing right? No tricks up our sleeves."

Guitarist Tom explained: "I think it might stand out because the great thing about this show is that it's theatrical, it's massive and it has all these concepts and then we are gonna have a unique space in all that."

When asked who of their fellow performers they are looking forward to seeing, Adrian stated: "The Killers."

Gwen revealed: "Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift."

Tom added: "I'm really excited about Taylor Swift and Muse as well, both of them are my favourites."

He also went on to confess to being a fan of South Korean singer PSY and his Gangnam Style, but added that he would not be joining him on stage to do his now famous horse-riding dance: "I love the dance and I love the video but I'm not gonna do it."

The 2012 MTV EMA will air live from Frankfurt's Festhalle on Sunday, 11th November at 9pm only on MTV! Don't miss it!

By Joanne Dorken @mtvuknews