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Eminem Movie Axed

Dreamworks shelves plans to make a boxing film with Slim in the starring role…

Eminem’s bid to return to the top of the box office charts 10 years after 8 Mile has been shelved.

The rapper had been due to take the starring role in Southpaw, about a boxer who must overcome misfortune to get back to the top. The synopsis describes Eminem’s role as a "fast-rising welterweight boxer who brawls his way to the title, only to see his world crash down around him due to a tragedy".

But Dreamworks has cancelled the shoot, scheduled to start in 2012. Though the studio hasn’t given an official reason, there is speculation that it was due to the large number of fighter movies scheduled for next year.

Good news is that the project has been handed back to Slim Shady and the film’s director, Training Day’s Antoine Fuqua, who can now pitch it to rival studios in the hope of getting it made before it loses momentum.

Southpaw’s screenwriter Kurt Sutter has previously spoken about how the film mirrors Eminem’s real-life struggles. "At its core, this is a retelling of his struggles over the last five years of his life, using the boxing analogy. I love that the title refers to him being a lefty, which is to boxing what a white rapper is to hip-hop; dangerous, unwanted and completely unorthodox. It's a much harder road for a southpaw than a right-handed boxer."

Em’s performance in 8 Mile was critically acclaimed and he won an Oscar for the film’s theme song, Lose Yourself.

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