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Example Interview

The Streets signing talks exclusively to us about his superb new material, Robbie Williams and nuclear disaster...



(whose real initials are EG) is currently tearing up MTVs channels with his hilarious relationship tale

I Dont Want To


The 24 year old was an eco-warrior on previous single What We Made while You Cant Rap proves he definitely can.


With his smart couplets and ambitious beats from partner in crime Rusher its clear hes learnt from mentor Mike Skinner. We grabbed a chat with the friendly West London boy

Firstly when did you realise you could rap?

Example: I was into poetry and in 1992 when I was 10 I won the Royal Mail Poet Of The Year. Then I started rapping in the playground at school purely to fit in with the cool people.

Are you conscious that you want to tell stories?

Example: Theres not one song on the album where Im boasting, nearly every song is story based. Thats what I prefer to do. Whether thats about nuclear disaster or relationship trouble

Who were your idols?

Example: The people that really made me start rapping were Wu Tang Clan, Snoop and Mobb Deep. Its escapism and Id sit their studying them giggling.

Is all your material produced by Rusher?

Example: Everything. Apart from a few remixes. I met him in 2000 at Uni when we studied film directing together. We clicked straight away and I started rapping over his beats.

How does the partnership work?

Example: Its split 50/50 he helps with the lyrics I help with the beats. Most rappers will give producers 3 or 4% of the royalties. He can make you D&B, hip hop, grime or garage, and is one of the best producers in the country.

Is it tempting to get Mike Skinner (The Streets) on your tracks?

Example: It hasnt tempted me once cos we know what the Example sound is- he influences it though.

What kind of advice has he given you?

Example: Hes really good cos hes a second set of ears. Im gonna listen to Mike not just because hes sold a lot of albums but because I respect him.

People always talk about him being one of the most important artists of the last 10 years and there is a reason for that!

How did he notice you?

Example: We had mutual friends in the business then when we put out I Dont Want To (last year) we had loads of major labels interested. But he took us out to dinner and understood what we wanted to do.

Whats I Dont Want To about?

Example: Every rapper always brags about girls but no one tells the story about how annoying or mad women can be. Its based on different experiences- Ive left a girls at 6am before and my excuse was Im a milkman.

Are the videos important to you?

Example: Ive always wanted to be an actor so I make an effort. We set a high benchmark (with What We Made) the first music video to be made in Chenobyl. I was scared before I went, there are only about 10 camera crews that have been there.

Im not afraid to dress up most rappers just stand there. The I Dont Want To promo starts like a Pharrell video and ends like The Magic Roundabout.

What are you like live?

Example: I actually study Robbie Williams a lot, though Im not a fan of his music, as a live performer hes incredible. Its about cheeky grins and how you use the stage. So the whole audience feel part of the action.

Tell us about the album?

Example: Musically there are Stranglers, Kylie and The Carpenters samples. Theres blues, classic pop, punk all the way to cut up Spanish guitars and electro beats.

Lyrically I do the funny stuff well but I want people to know I can talk about serious issues. I dont think many people have done anti-nuclear energy rap songs.

Now some quick questions- Who Cant Rap?

Example: Daz that guy who did the Eurovision song and Lil Jon.

Football Team?

Example: Fulham FC

Dream date?

Example: Natalie Imbruglia I could marry her. Jessica Alba is pretty tasty too.

Dream Collaboration?

Example: Quincy Jones, who produced Michael Jacksons best albums.

Best place to play live?

Example: Shepherds Bush Empire and Glasgow King Tuts.

Best music video?

Example: Beat It, Kanyes Jesus Walks or 99 Problems.

Biggest inspiration?

Example: My mum and dad basically. Will Smith too for the way hes gone on to be one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. I definitely want to act too.

In what TV show?

Example: Id like a part in a new BBC or Channel 4 sitcom. Like a cult comedy like The Office.

Biggest aspirations?

Example: I want to go on Jonathan Ross, go down well with an American audience. I want to work in films, I want to climb Everest and swim the English Channel, seriously.

Hes not joking either- find out more about Example HERE

Tom Thorogood