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MTV Review: Disney's Frozen

A brilliant Disney film that will melt even the coldest of hearts...

UK Release Date: 6th December 2013

Certificate: PG

Running Time: 148 minutes

Cast: Glee’s Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff, Kristen Bell of Gossip Girl fame and Josh Gad in a star-turning performance as Olaf the snowman.

Directors: Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck

Plot: Elsa and Anna are princesses, sisters and best friends but Elsa has a dark power that threatens to harm the people she loves the most. The only way she can protect her family – and her kingdom, Arendelle – is by freezing out anyone who tries to get close, including Anna. But in doing so, she casts an icy spell across the land and unless Anna can get through to her, Arendelle will be cursed with bitter winter for eternity.

Best Scene: In a magical musical sequence, Elsa tests her arctic powers by building a castle out of snow and makes herself a gorgeous new gown to boot. Who needs a fairy godmother when a girl’s got ice?

Scene Stealer: You’ll melt over Olaf, the loveable talking snowman. A cross between Dug from Up and Alan from The Hangover (yes, really), he’s awkward, adorable and hilarious.

Best WTF Moment: A seriously wacky tropical dream sequence features Olaf sunning it up while singing about summer. No-one has the heart to tell the sun-starved snowman he’s just not cut out for beach holidays.

Best One Liner: “Hi I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs”

Date Movie Or Mate Movie? Assuming you can wrestle your man into the cinema to watch a Disney film, Frozen would make a great date movie. There’s plenty of laughs to keep you both entertained and enough romantic scenes to set the mood (that is, if you can overlook Anna punching her fiancé in the face). But to really appreciate the moral of this movie – that sisterly love is the most important bond of all – ditch the date and go with your gal-pals.

Summary: Frozen officially ends the winter of discontent with Disney Animation Studios. The 11th Disney Princess film is already garnering Oscar buzz and, more importantly, proves that the studio’s last two critically-acclaimed outings – Tangled and Wreck It Ralph – were no accident.
Idina Menzel(Elsa) and Kristen Bell (Anna), brings the stellar script to life. While Idina is a Broadway veteran and recurring guest star on Glee (where she plays Rachel Berry’s birth mum), we had no idea that Kristen was such a great singer (her stint in Burlesque alongside Christina Aguilera wasn’t exactly the best showcase of her vocal talents) and together they generate a chemistry that radiates off the screen.
While outwardly this is a classic Disney Princess film – with your usual magic, castles and mystical creatures – it’s been updated for a 21st-century audience. It has the same tongue-in-cheek tone as Enchanted (particularly during Anna’s duet with Hans, which ends in them getting engaged despite only meeting a few hours earlier) set against a backdrop of female empowerment and a charming ending that may or may not come as a surprise depending on your familiarity with Disney movies.
If you’re a Disney fan, it’s a must-watch, and you’ll have fun spotting the references to other Disney films (ranging from Fantasia to Peter Pan). But even if animation usually leaves you cold, you’ll agree that Frozen - with its sweet snowman, cuddly reindeer and winter wonderland backdrops - is the perfect Christmas movie. 
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By Karen Yossman @mtvuknews