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Maisie Williams: Arya Stark Is Like Darth Vader

Game Of Thrones star compares her character to Star Wars baddie...

SPOILER ALERT: This story gives away plot details from the most-recent series of the show - and from Star Wars.

Maisie Williams has been discussing her character in Game Of Thrones - and has come up with an unexpected comparison.

The 17-year-old star - who plays Arya Stark in the HBO fantasy drama - told Access Hollywood that she thought of her character as "a misunderstood Darth Vader".

"You pick him up kind of already at that stage and then you find out so much more about him before," she explained. "And, it's the same with Arya, although we're actually seeing that twisted path, which is almost more disturbing than you hating a character and then realising they're actually quite good.

"To actually see one of your favourite characters - of such a lovely young, funny girl, slowly be chipped and chipped away into something completely else, I think, even for me, it was really hard to play, and I'm reading scenes, like, 'God, this is not the Arya that I thought I was going to be playing'.

"And yeah, it's different and I really, really hope people still continue to follow her storyline."

Fans have seen Arya killing for revenge after her family was slaughtered in the show.

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