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2006 in Pop Star Quotes

Who said what, when and to who? Shocking behaviour!

Ahh, how we laughed, gagged, spluttered and smiled....

"F*ck dis! It cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it"
Kanye never was too happy about missing out on that Best Video EMA was he?

"Im gonna cover a Girls Aloud song and change all their words, but make them really filthy"
The Sound Of A Potty Mouth, Ricky Wilson?

"I really appreciated her when she first came out - she was a breath of fresh air. But now I think f*ck her"
And we're sure Lily Allen has you on her Christmas card list too, Nicola Roberts.

"The new All Saints single sounds like us - they must have looked at what's working at the minute and thought, 'We'll go that way' which is fair enough"
Except it wasn't in the end was it, Cheryl Cole?

"In all honesty they are stupid little girls and we don't really give a f**k. Thats the end of that"
Shaznay Lewis's take.

"I probably did take my new-found freedom too far"
Britney finally comments on her fanita-flashing faux pas.

"Things couldn't be any better"
The news we all wanted to hear from a recovering Kylie.

"Golden rule with drug-dealing; don't get too enthusiastic with your own merchandise"
Who said Lily Allen wasn't a good role model?

"What a f*cking liberty to suggest I'd bang up a sleeping lass. Darkness"
Pete Doherty never injected a sleeping girl with heroin, or sounded like Catherine Tate's foul-mouthed gran, okay?

"The success is kinda bullsh*t"
Really, Luke Kooks?

"Thank you I would like to place this on your clitoris"
Winning a MTV Latin America Music Award brought out the spice in Robbie Williams.

"I guess (he's) probably the biggest icon of the 90s"
A rare moment of brotherly love as Noel bigs up Liam.

"Dont hate me cos Im a superstar and Im married to a superstar"
Er, okay, Kevin Federline.

And on that note... Merry Christmas readers. See you back here after Boxing Day!