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Bag A Worldie With Geordie Shore This Valentine's Day!

Calling all singletons! Charlotte, Gaz & Dan give tips on pulling...

What with it being Valentine's Day today (February 14), the cast of Geordie Shore have offered all those lonely hearts out there a bit of advice on how to pull a worldie.

Charlotte says: "If you see a guy you like, the best way approach the situation is walk over, swallow any bit of nervousness you've ever had… And just, like, touch his face.

"Once you've touched it say 'wow – that feels so soft. What moisturiser do you use?' Once you've got on to moisturiser, you've got into conversation, you've been talking to him all night, you've brought him back and you've got him in your bed. And that's it – you've pulled yourself a worldie!"

She added: "The number one rule for when you're pulling is always remember to shave your down below! I've made that mistake, and it's not a good one to make especially in front of the whole entire world."

Charlotte also seems to have left her feelings for lothario Gaz back in the North-East, with the lass admitting that this Valentine's Day, she'd like to take US president Barack Obama on a date.

While Charlotte dreams of being the next First Lady, object of her affections Gaz has also offered some mint tips on how to bag a worldie if you're off out clubbing on the most romantic night of the year.

He explained: "I don't actually have a massive conversation with a girl in a club to stop them walking off. You will know who that girl is. You'll be looking at them, they'll be looking at you, look away, look back, they'll be checking you out, little smile.

"You don't just go up to a random girl, you've got to make eye contact first before you go anywhere near them. If you didn't look at them you would have walked up and they would have just pied you straight in the face."

The womaniser added: "So try and make eye contact first, get a little smile – anything – before you even think about approaching them."

Gaz then went on to claim he would love to date Jessica Alba, stating: "She is just phenomenal. I can just sit there and just stare at her the whole time."

While he may not have had too much success with the ladies during his first series of Geordie Shore, new boy Dan also offered some advice on pulling, saying: "My one rule for pulling and talking to girls is confidence.

"If you've got no confidence, you're not going anywhere."

And watch out Jorgie Porter and Michelle Keegan as Dan is keen for romance this Valentine's Day, with the 19-year old admitting if he had the chance, he would also love to take Rihanna on a date.

We wonder what the Bajan babe's beau Chris Brown would make of that!

Geordie Shore returns to MTV at 10pm on February 19.