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Geordie Shore: Gaz & Ricci Come To Blows! 

The pair locked horns after celebrating Vicky's birthday...

Sparks flew during episode five of hit MTV show Geordie Shore last night (28th February) after Gaz and new boy Ricci came to blows at Vicky's Silent Disco birthday bash.

It is thought Gaz lost his cool with Ricci after he continued to quiz him over how he felt about on/off love interest Charlotte hooking up with his friend Leroy - resulting in the two coming to blows.

Viewers saw Ricci throw a drink over Gaz, leaving "superman with a comb over" a.k.a James to separate the pair.

Ricci's antics left the rest of the Geordie Shore cast unimpressed by his "immature" behaviour, with Charlotte even stating she "has no idea what Vicky sees in him."

Earlier in the show, Ricci was riled by Vicky's ex-boyfriend Dan when he delivered expensive birthday gifts to the house - leaving him fuming after he spent Vicky's special day spoiling her flowers, a giant teddy and a home-cooked meal.

Fans of GS will have to wait and see the aftermath of Gaz and Ricci's fight, with a glimpse at next week's episode appearing to show the two lads being made to leave the house!

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