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Geordie Shore’s Charlotte: "I've Got What I Wanted With Gaz"

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She tried so hard to prove she was over him, but it seems Geordie Shore’s Charlotte just couldn’t resist the parsnip in the first episode of the new season of the hit show.

After starting season five in tears as she spoke of her kiss with Gaz at the end of the last series, Charlotte tried to ignore Gary’s advances throughout the episode.

She said of their last kiss: “It was a moment that was kind of breathtaking because it’s what I always kind of wished or imagined would happen. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

“I feel I’ve got a hatred towards Gary now after all the sh*t and all the mind games.

Meanwhile, Gaz admitted: “I have missed Charlotte. The minute we step foot in that house together feelings come rushing back and it’s back to square one.”

But it seems he still couldn’t decide whether to commit to Charlotte or continue his partying rampage with Scotty-T as the Bucking Squad.

Charlotte spurned Gaz’s flirty advances on nights out in Amsterdam, convincing herself she was in control of the situation, and saying: “I have succeeded in giving Gary the knock back that he deserves.”

“I’ve been independent and I’ve got what I wanted with Gary. I’ve put him in his place.”

Gary’s surprise at being 'pied' twice was obvious as he said: “What the f*ck has happened to Charlotte? Is this even the same person?”

But on the final drunken night out in Amsterdam, Charlotte apparently couldn’t resist Gary any longer as she allowed him to get into her bed for cuddles in the room she was sharing with Holly.

The pair were soon bucking again with Gary saying: “What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam.”

The Geordies had been sent to Amsterdam following their return to the house in Newcastle, where they were instructed by boss Anna to pack their bags for Europe where they would be entertaining hen and stag parties.

Meanwhile, James spent the whole first episode ignoring Holly, causing friction in the group as he refused to go out on the final night - proving he would stay faithful to his worldie girlfriend Kate back at home.

Geordie Shore returns to MTV next Tuesday at 10pm!