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Geordie Shore's Charlotte: 'Sex With Gaz Weren't Good'

What happens in Amsterdam hits MTV! Watch a clip of episode 2 right here...

Geordie Shore, but it seems the lass wasn't impressed with their bedroom antics in Amsterdam.

After their whirlwind trip to the Dutch capital - which ended with Charlotte and Gaz 'banging' - Charlotte is seen confessing to the girls on tomorrow's all new Geordie Shore that her night of passion with the parsnip was far from mint.

While she reveals that their late night liaison "weren't even that good", Vicky seemed less than surprised by their reunion stating: "Oh shock, who would have thought that would happen".

As Charlotte appeared unfazed by sharing a bed with Gaz, Sophie says: "The two of them have opened up a big can of worms."

Despite Gaz instigating his move on Charlotte by asking her to cuddle, he tells Scotty T: "She got on top and started f**king banging us."
"I'm just gonna play the whole like that was an Amsterdam thing, you know what I mean? With Charlotte I can't go down that path already. It's too early."

He added: "We're back in Newcastle, I'm part of the buck squad and I'm gonna go f**king nuts. I just hope that she doesn't go f**king nuts."

Elsewhere, Vicky and Ricci celebrate breaking the Geordie Shore relationship curse at their one year anniversary dinner, but it's not all smiles as Holly and James still can't stand the sight of one another.

The rivalry between the boys and the girls hits new heights as the Buck Squad are challenged to a pulling competition, and there's a surprise winner when the gang try out speed dating.

Can Charlotte really beat Gaz at his own game? Will James ever speak to Holly again? Find out when the new episode of Geordie Shore hits MTV on Tuesdays at 10pm.